Tips on How to keep your laminate floors shiny

Laminate floors are durable, easy to maintain and versatile. One of the best things about laminate is that it is designed to look clean and shiny, and proper maintenance will ensure it stays that way. The accumulation of dirt and residues of incorrect cleaning products can accumulate on the laminate and make it opaque. House Cleaning Highlands Ranch has the right steps that will make your laminate floors shiny.

Sweep or vacuum.

Use a microfiber mop to remove dust and dirt from the floor. You can vacuum the floor as well, but be sure to use the hard floor accessory to avoid scratching the laminate. Do not use a vacuum cleaner equipped with a mixer bar, as this can also scratch the floor.

Choose a cleaner.

When house cleaning the mist that forms on many laminate floors is often caused by the wrong cleaners, including soap and oil based cleaners. To eliminate it, the best option will be a specially formulated floor cleaner for laminate flooring. During house cleaning, you can even make a homemade cleaner by combining ½ cup of water, ½ cup of white vinegar and ½ cup of alcohol in a spray bottle.

Spray the cleaner directly onto the floor.

During house cleaning, apply a thin and uniform layer of detergent. Start with a section small enough to reach the whole area with the mop without walking on the wet floor. The laminate should not get wet, so never apply large quantities of liquid on the floor. Never clean the laminate with a mop and a bucket, as this would wet the floor too much.

Clean the area with a microfiber mop.

During house cleaning, use a clean, flat-head microfiber cloth and wipe the entire section of the floor in the direction of the grain. The floor surface should appear slightly damp, but not too wet. Do not use a sponge or wire mop on the laminate as it may leave scratches and leave too much moisture on the floor.

Work in small sections.

When house cleaning, take a few steps back and spray the next section of the floor with the cleaner. Clean the section with the microfiber mop. Continue spraying and drying in small sections until the entire floor is clean. During house cleaning, after cleaning the entire floor, allow it to air dry for half an hour. Do not allow anyone to walk on the floor while it is still wet, otherwise the brightness may decrease.

Polish the floor with a dry microfiber cloth.

During house cleaning, when the floor is dry, look at it in the light and check that there are still no opaque stains. Use a clean, dry microfiber cloth to rub and polish these areas to restore shine.

If you are still searching for more tips to keep your laminate floors in good condition then you should get in touch with your local House Cleaning Highlands Ranch experts who will give you additional tips that will surely help you out or book an appointment with House Cleaning Highlands Ranch now.