Benefits of using a cordless hand vacuum

Bigger isn't always better. When it comes to cleaning tools, a smaller version can sometimes work better. This is especially true when it comes to vacuum cleaners. While a cordless portable vacuum cleaner can be great for a large carpet, it can work wonders in other areas of your home. House Cleaning Highlands Ranch has some other uses for your cordless vacuum.


During house cleaning, it is difficult and inconvenient to load a vacuum cleaner to clean stairs. A large appliance can be ineffective when attempting to clean stairs. If you are using a portable vacuum cleaner to clean stairs, you can do a short job of this. As a bonus, your portable vacuum cleaner can come with a crack tool that can help you clean the corners and cracks for your steps.

Basic tables, tracks 

When house cleaning, these are places that many people often forget to clean. The accumulation of dust in these areas can be twisted. A crack and brush tool can help you get the best results in these areas. You will be amazed at the big difference that a small vacuum cleaner can make by cleaning these areas.

Window treatments 

During house cleaning, you should also keep curtains, drapes and drapes clean. However, most people don't have the time to take them apart and clean them properly. With the brush attachment of your cordless portable vacuum cleaner, you can repair your shades and dust your shades.

 Accessories and light display

When house cleaning, you may need a way to quickly ban dust rampages from the lamps. A portable vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment can help you quickly get rid of cobwebs and dust. If you use a stool or ladder, be sure to follow smart cleaning practices and get help to help you climb safely while cleaning.


During house cleaning, there is no way to replace the correct washing of clothes. However, if you're busy this week or one of the kids jumped into bed with your shoes on, you may need to do a quick clean. When this happens, it is acceptable to use the vacuum cleaner to clean mattresses and sheets between the days of washing.

Behind and below home appliances 

When house cleaning, the appliance the best tool is a microfiber cloth. However, there are areas under the refrigerators and toasters that are full of dust, crumbs and UFOs. Before using the portable vacuum cleaner in these areas, make sure that all surfaces to be vacuumed are dry.

Wardrobe and shelf 

When house cleaning, dusting is not considered a harrowing job. However, it may look that way if you need to remove ornaments, objects or books from closets or shelves before ordering. Between springs cleaning, you can use a rechargeable portable vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to keep the areas between your items and decorations free of fluff.

If you still need more cordless vacuum ideas then get in touch with your local House Cleaning Highlands Ranch or just book an appointment with House Cleaning Highlands Ranch.