Simple ways to reduce waste at home

Living a life with less waste does not happen overnight. It requires changes in daily habits and thought processes to go from throwing waste directly into a garbage can without thinking twice, to composting, carefully recycling, choosing not to use certain objects that waste and introducing new objects and products without waste in our life . House Cleaning Atlanta has some tips on reducing waste.

Compost single use items

When house cleaning, being truly garbage-free means removing as many disposable items as possible from our lives. But, to help you get from here to there, first consider at least that you are selective and responsible for disposing of the disposable items that are currently in your life.

So you used paper towels to cook and clean later. As long as they don't have unnatural chemicals like cleaning sprays, feel free to throw them in the compost bin.

You bought the tea which comes in individually packed packages. Recycle the paper wrapper and compost the tea bag after using it. Paper coffee filters can also go directly to the compost.

When house cleaning don't forget the bathroom either. Used scarves and even loose hair residues after a shower can go to compost.

Cook with your food scraps

During house cleaning, cooking leftovers such as broccoli stalks, onion ends, carrot peels, and shrimp peels, etc. They can be easily thrown into the compost bin, no problem. But, if you want to get the most out of your money, then start freezing food leftovers.

After saving a fair amount, put your frozen leftovers in a large pot of filtered water. Bring the water to a boil, then simmer for an hour or two. All delicately flavored molecules left in the waste will be slowly expelled into the water. Filter the remains and you will have the broth. During the house cleaning process use this broth to prepare soups or you can also cook cereals.

After preparing the broth, you can freeze it again for later storage.

Recycle those plastic bags

When house cleaning, you know that you have a plastic bag full of plastic bags at home. Sure, sometimes it's nice to have a couple of plastic bags to carry something wet, dirty or smelly or something, but nobody needs a bag, or worse, bags.

During house cleaning plastic bags are not recyclable in normal recycling bins. An additional benefit for recycling is: you can also collect other types of plastic films that are often supplied with food, such as bread bags and products, Ziploc bags, plastic bags for cereal boxes and carton wraps that come in bottles of water and paper towels. 


If you are looking for more house cleaning tips to reduce the food waste at your home then you can get in touch with your local House CleaningAtlanta experts who are always ready to help you out in every situation no matter how hard it is. You can even call House Cleaning Atlanta to book an appointment with professionals now.