How to Protect and Maintain your hardwood floors look fantastic?

These days hard-wood floors are commonly found in many houses, they not only give your house a warm and modern look but they are even easy to clean. But if the cleaning is not done properly then these floors will fade out and also not last for a very long time. House Cleaning Atlanta has some steps that will be helpful in cleaning the hard-wood floors. 

Step1# Determine the type of wood 

When house cleaning,start by determining the type of wooden floor in your home. Pre-finished floors are the easiest to clean. Some wooden floors are sealed with polyurethane, urethane or polycrylic coating. This seal makes it stain resistant. So, they are easy to clean.

Step#2 Clear the room 

When house cleaning, your dining room is probably furnished. The furniture will harden the cleaning exercise. To make it simple, push the furniture to a corner or pull it out.

Step#3 Sweep the floor 

When house cleaning, wooden floors are subject to dust and difficult stains. Use a soft bristle broom and sweep the wooden floor to remove large particles such as sand or sand that can scratch the floor. You can use a "vacuum cleaner" to remove all the dust and pet hair on the floor. 

Step#4 Observe the stains on the floor 

When house cleaning, to remove the stains dip the soft cloth in the cleaning solution and rub it on your hands with difficult stains by applying direct pressure. Do not use a knife or pointed object to remove them.

Step#5 Soak excess liquid

When house cleaning,floors are not friendly with excess water. Water penetrates the cracks in the wooden floor and loosens the glue that keeps the wood intact. Use the mop to soak the excess liquid by squeezing it so that it is wet.

Step#6 Wipe the soap 

When house cleaning, washing the wooden floor, soap tends to remain between the cracks. If left intact, the soap makes the floor dull. Use a soft cloth to remove the soap, rub it gently in a circular motion.

Step#7 Rinse the floor 

When house cleaning, replace dirty water with clean, fresh water. Wash the mob to make sure it is as clean as a hound's tooth. Rinse the floor with clean water to remove any scratched or opaque touch that the cleaning solution may leave.

Step#8 Polishing the floor 

Polishing prevents scratches on the floor and protects your life. Make your floor shine like new. Polish the floor with a dry cloth.


If you are still looking for more hardwood floor tips for your home then you should get in touch with your local House Cleaning Atlanta experts who are always looking to help you in every circumstance. Moreover you can book an appointment with House Cleaning Atlanta professionals.