7 steps to organize your bedroom closet

Cleaning your closet can be overwhelming, but the end result is always worth it. Once you have removed all the items from your closet, you can evaluate each item of clothing. Then, you will decide whether to save, store, sell or donate the items. Once you have ordered all your clothes, you can organize your wardrobe according to colors, styles or seasons. House Cleaning Atlanta has some ideas for you regarding the organization of the closet.

Take all the clothes, shoes closet.

During house cleaning, take all the items from the closet and place them on the bed, table or floor. This will allow you to examine all your clothes. Removing everything from the closet will also help you make more efficient decisions about what to store, donate or sell.

Setup for four baskets.

When house cleaning, as you clean your closet, you will divide your clothes into four categories: save, store, sell and donate. After testing and evaluating each item, you will place it on the respective stack. Take a garbage bag for donated clothing, a container for off-season clothing and a box for clothes that will be sold.

Store clothing and accessories out of season.

When house cleaning, as you've decided what to keep and what to leave, you can split your wardrobe into seasonal fleece. Take out-of-season clothes and store them in a container with a lid, such as a basket. For example, if you clean the closet in the summer, you can store off-season items such as sweaters, gloves and winter boots.

Let go of objects that don't fit.

During house cleaning, do an evaluation to see if it really suits you. You should be able to move around the object comfortably and this should flatter your figure. You should not cling to clothes that are too small, too large or unflattering. If the object doesn't fit, get rid of it.

Do not cling to damage objects.

 When house cleaning, look carefully at the object for signs of damage. Keep your eyes peeled for spots, tears and holes. Depending on the degree of damage, you may wish to donate, recycle or throw the item away. If you can fix the item, make a plan to do it within the week.

Sell ​​high quality clothing and accessories.

During house cleaning, you can sell clothes of good shape, high quality and elegant. Try selling luxury clothing online through a website. You can also bring clothes to local delivery stores or make a garage sale.

Organize the clothes.

When house cleaning, you can organize the clothes in your wardrobe. Try hanging objects on thin hangers by type of clothing or color. You can also use storage solutions such as shoe racks, shelves and containers to make your wardrobe easier to use. 


If you are still looking for more bedroom closet cleaning ideas then you can get in touch with your local House Cleaning Atlanta experts who are always ready to give you more tips and tricks or you can even book an appointment with House Cleaning Atlanta now.